So, you're looking to do a collaboration?

Maybe we can! But first, please read the guidelines below to find out if your channel is suitable. Information on applying is available below as well.

Requirements for potential collaborators


Please note that all collaborations are reviewed manually, and are only subject to instant rejection if there is a high volume of requests. This is to ensure that the quality of Kaihatsu content is upheld. Although Kaihatsu is a small channel, accepting every request for a collaboration will result in a negative feedback loop where less viewers engage with videos, which makes the algorithm push the channel's videos less. All declined requests will be given a reason why, so that your content may be improved upon.

While there is no limit on the amount of times you can apply, we reccomend that you wait at least 6 months before re-requesting, in order to give yourself time to improve the quality of your videos.

Suitable channels

In order to be considered eligible for consideration, the channel considering requesting to collaborate MUST at least have 1/3 (30%) the number of Kaihatsu subscribers, at the moment that is give or take 300 subscribers. Channels below this limit will NOT be considered regardless of the other requirements.

Although exceptions are (very rarely) made, below is a list of what channels will NOT be accepted for a collaboration:

  • Let's Play channels (although this restriction does not apply for channels with over 50,000 subscribers). So NO, your Minecraft Let's Play channel with 20 subscribers won't be eligible.

  • Channels that only cover the following games: Undertale, the Five Nights at Freddy's series, Doki Doki Literature Club or Bendy and the Ink Machine.

  • Channels that violate YouTube's community guidelines and/or Terms of Service.

  • Please note that channels may also be refused based on association as well as reputation and current standing within the wider YouTube community.

    Age Requirements

    While this may be an odd requirement to some, I have repeatedly been asked by young fans to make collaboration videos with them, so here are some requirements regarding age:

    You WILL NOT be considered at all for a collaboration if you are below the age of 16.

    There are several reasons for this, one of the most important ones being maturity. It is important that collaborators on both sides are mature people who can work well with others. One other important aspect is voice. Older, lower voices are much more appealing to audiences online... that's that, and that can't be changed.

    Unfortunately, since the dawn of the internet there has always been an intense hatred for younger users, and on YouTube, that hatred is very much vocalised. Users will relentlessly dislike the videos of younger people purely because of their age, as well as their voice, and how 'cringey' they are. This makes it difficult to work with younger users.

    One more point (although this is my own personal opinion here): I never started making videos until I was 13, and even then I just messed around. If you're young and you're looking to do YouTube as a hobby, that's fine! Just don't let it consume you and take over your life at such a young age - go make friends and do stuff outside. I know it's easy to disregard this advice but socialising in person should take priority over trying to make a video with someone you've never met over the internet.

    Video quality

    This is only applicable to those looking to edit a video for their own channel if Kaihatsu is being featured on their own channel.

    Applicants MUST have video and editing quality simillar to that in 'The Science Behind Super Mario Sunshine' ( This is the minimum editing ability standard, and anything below this will not be accepted.

    Applicants must also be capable of uploading in HD 1080p60.

    While not completely neccesary, I prefer for videos that will be uploaded on the channel to use clear, un-obfuscated graphics (e.g For small images and pixel art, use clear upscaled images that are not blurry. It is also preferable to use graphics that are not too high or low contrast, as to avoid unsightliness.

    Audio quality

    Audio quality must be of a very high standard, and should be of a similar quality to the voiceovers in current Kaihatsu videos.

    For reference, I use an Audiotechnica AT2020USB+ condenser microphone. However, BlueYeti microphones are also of a high standard.

    As an online personality

    My primary aim is to make videos for others to enjoy. Anyone considering asking to do a collaborative video should ask themselves the following questions:

  • Is my primary aim to make videos for others to enjoy and be educated by?

  • Is monetary gain an irrelevant factor to my creative output? (Obviously if you are a full time content creator this question can be ignored)

  • Am I as truthful and transparent as I can be with my audience? Do I strive to be more truthful and transparent with them?

  • Do I strive to make my videos as informative and accurate as possible?

  • Do I already have an established viewerbase and community?

  • If your answers to all of these questions is yes, then you are an ideal collaborator!

    How to apply for a collaboration

    To apply, please send an email to business[at]kaihatsusha[dot]com, with the subject as 'Collaboration'.

    It is important that you put a link to your channel in the email so that I can assess your work. While not necessary, you could include a link to one of your videos that like the most/enjoyed making and explain why you chose to include a link to that specific video.

    Thank you for considering applying for a collaboration, we look forward to hearing from you!