Hey there! I'm Kaihatsu. I am an artist/designer based in the UK who wound up making YouTube videos. I like to make videos about art and culture in video games, but I also tackle other subjects that I enjoy, such as history, science, politics and geography and how they relate to gaming.

Currently I do YouTube as a hobby, but I am working on a large project that I'm very excited to share with you all! If you are interested in helping fund this project, you can follow the link above to my patreon page.

I hope you enjoy my videos!

Frequently Asked Questions

How did you start on YouTube?

I started my first channel back in 2013, but it had limited success. My original channel was mostly about ROM hacking, and was mainly just me talking on my terrible netbook that was my only computer at the time. Later on that year I started messing around with photoshop at school, and gradually taught myself how to use it. However, I was stuck with Movie Maker and Paint for making videos. After only gaining 22 subscribers, I lost motivation and stopped making videos, and made a new channel, which I never uploaded with until I renamed it and made it my second channel, after making my new channel, Kaihatsu.

My new channel was originally for uploading music remixes that I made, but I started to work on a side project called 'The Science Behind Super Mario Sunshine', while learning how to use Adobe Premiere, as well as other programs from the Creative Cloud Suite. After uploading that first proper video, I knew that I wanted to make more videos like it, and now here we are!

How can I get started on YouTube/grow my channel?

All I did at the start was invest in some decent editing software and put lots of relevant tags in my videos. I also shared a lot of my videos on Reddit. However, one inconvenient truth that people don't like to hear about YouTube is that nowadays, with so many channels competing to cover the same topics, you do need to have good audio and video/editing quality to attract people to your channel. Polish isn't everything, but it keeps people coming back.

What programs do you use to make videos?

I use the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, but the main programs I use from that are Photoshop (image editing), Premiere (video editing), After Effects (special effects) and Audition (sound recording). I also use effects suites from Red Giant and some other companies to make my videos look a bit more stylised sometimes.

What microphone/other equipment do you use?

My microphone is an Audio Technica AT2020USB+ microphone. I also use a microphone stand. For graphics editing I use a Wacom Intuous Pro drawing tablet. My computer is custom built.

Could you help me edit/make a video?

Sorry! I'd love to help out but I'm far too busy to do things like that right now. I might give editing lessons in the future if I have spare time though.

I make videos! Could we work together?

Maybe! I'm always looking to work with other like minded and talented people. However, because I get a lot of emails asking to collaborate (which has surprised me considering the size of the channel) I've had to set some rules and prerequisites for channels that want to work with me. Please click here to check that you meet my collaboration guidelines and get information on requesting to collaborate.

Please bear in mind that I can only really consider working with you if you have decent audio and video/editing quality, similar in quality to that found in 'The Science Behind Super Mario Sunshine'. Small channels should also have at least 300 subscribers (around 30% of my subscriber base).

What happened to The Science Behind?

Well recently I've been tied down with Nostalgia Trip, and at the moment that is my priority. I've been experimenting with the Science Behind so that I can make shorter videos and get them out more frequently.

To be honest, I prefer to make videos about culture and art so sometimes it can be difficult to get myself to write about a topic that I'm not interested in or familiar with - this is why Science Behind episodes have been so infrequent. I'm still going to work on the series but there have been a couple times already where I've got close to cancelling it, so don't be surprised if in the future I just amalgamate it with my theory series.

Are you a COMMUNIST?

Haha, no. I get this all the time because of Marxist March, but no, I am not remotely communist.

What is that blob thing in your videos?

I honestly don't know... I tried asking it but it won't tell me.